Niyok Clean is a manufacturer and exporter supplying car care products and residential cleaning items since 2011. Export to worldwide over 60 countries, serving supermarkets, importers, brands, distributors and e-commerce retailers with high quality products. The detailing brushes, telescopic water fed poles, and microfiber products are widely used in car care industry and sanitary fields, supporting customizing work and OEM, ODM.

Cleans best with best tools, and saves your time.

Car Care Products

Caring for your car or truck is as crucial to its appearance and longevity as performing regular maintenance, While how to clean the car properly and get right tools is also an important task.
We've been in this field researching best tools over 10 years, providing summer series, winter series, and general use items perfect for car detailing, which will highly improve the wash efficiency and better protecting car paint finish.
With high quality and the great enthusiasm always catching up with the market demand, car care line has become one of our most advantages in the industry.

Outdoor & Garden Clean

Clean the high windows, walls, solar panels, and garden floor, could be a difficult job without nice tools. Regular house clean products can not hold such job, or takes too much time to clean the bigger space and higher place.

That's why we focus on this part and keep developing items which are better for garden and outdoor cleaning. High pressure washer, high reach extendable poles connect to different heads, water fed brushes, works so great!


We know your time is valuable






Wheel Spoke Woolie Brush

Wheel Woolie brush is the best solution for cleaning the wide variety of sizes and designs of today’s intricate wheels. It’s great for cleaning wheels with larger openings around wheel spokes and brake calipers, and deeper barrels. High-performance brakes and tight clearances around wheels, fenders, and other areas of your car can make cleaning these areas difficult, but with this brush, you can clean these areas much more effectively!

Soft, dense carpet fibers

100% polypropylene, recyclable and chemical resistant

Available in 3 Sizes

Magic Clay Towel

Clay bar  towel will easily remove surface contaminants, such as brake dust, light rust, bugs, tree sap, pollen, without scratching the paint. Goes above and beyond a traditional microfiber towel, working like a clay bar to remove grime and environmental contaminants from your vehicle surface, but works much more efficient than a clay bar due to the larger surface.Soft & exquisite microfiber void to bring any discomfort feeling to your hands

Can save 20-30 sedan car (depend on condition of car)

Clay surface stuck pretty tightly to the microfiber, not easy to fall off

Adds user-friendly hanging function, convenient to air dry

24ft Water Fed Extend Brush

Extendable poles reach 24 ft height, clean the window, wall, solar panels

Super Soft Detailing Brush

Detailing brushes with PBT, natural boar, nylon, or PP bristles, customizing available.

Snow Brushes

All kinds of snow brushes, removing snow and frost on vehicles in the winter

Ice Scrapers

Various ice scrapers, winter essential, click below for more items


Strict quality control. and stable quality level below 1% warranty claims.


We produce stunning designs and generate more patents than any Chinese competitor.


We have a proven track record of being on time when it comes to production and shipping.

Attractive Prices

There are no hidden fees with Maxywash and we follow official raw material rates.



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