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water flow brushes water fed brushes for car

What is Water Fed Brushes?

The water-through brushes or water-fed brushes are a popular tool among car owners who prefer to wash their vehicles by hand rather than using automated car wash systems.

They are especially useful for reaching difficult-to-access areas and providing a gentle but effective cleaning method for a car’s exterior.

These kinds of brushes have been manufactured for many years, and serve many distributors, and importers from the USA, European countries, Latin American countries, and other areas.

The basic components of a water-through brush for cars are:

  • Brush Head: The brush head is usually made of soft bristles or microfiber material that is designed to be safe on a car’s paintwork. The bristles help agitate and lift dirt and grime from the surface. To better protect the car paint, bristles made from PP, or PVC, are usually done with softening process. Microfiber pad brush head is also becoming more and more popular, good for cleaning the cars which are not so dirty, or use after the bristle brushes to further clean the surfaces and windows.


  • Water Connector: The brush head has a built-in connector or adapter that allows it to be connected to a standard garden hose or water source.


  • Water Flow Control: Many water-through brushes have a flow control valve or switch that allows you to adjust the water pressure coming through the brush. This feature helps conserve water and gives you control over the flow during the washing process.


  • Telescopic Handle: The pole handle is usually made from aluminum, which is lighter and anti-rust. The length can be customized according to different use and request, from 30cm up to 250cm or more, can be one-piece and telescopic.


  • New Type of Brushes: We are always developing new water fed brushes to satisfy increasingly different needs. Such as rotating brushes, helps in agitating the dirt and improving the cleaning action, check CB0548CB0542CB0576. Soap dispenser brushes, which come with a built-in soap dispenser, allowing for easy application of soap while cleaning the car, check CB0585CB0578CB0576CB0581.


how to use water fed brushes for car

To use a water-through brush for washing your car:

1, Connect the brush head to a water source, such as a garden hose.

2, Turn on the water supply and adjust the flow using the flow control valve if available.

3, Wet the car’s surface with water from the brush head, starting from the top and working your way down.

4, Apply car wash soap to the brush or directly to the car’s surface.

5, Gently scrub the car’s exterior using the water-through brush, making sure to cover all areas.

6, Rinse the soap off the car by using the water flow from the brush.

7, Once you’ve washed and rinsed the entire car, dry it using microfiber towels or a chamois to prevent water spots.


Using a water-through brush for handwashing your car gives you more control over the cleaning process and allows you to be gentle with your vehicle’s paint.

It’s essential to use a high-quality brush with soft bristles and avoid applying excessive pressure to minimize the risk of scratching or damaging the paintwork.

Regularly rinsing the brush head during the washing process can help remove any accumulated dirt and debris to further reduce the risk of scratches.

What types of snow brushes are there?


As a manufacturer,

we developed many types of snow brushes in the past years, to satisfy different demands from different customers.

And we still keep innovative in this range, with high enthusiasm in designing new brushes with multiple functions and appearances.


There are totally 4 types:

Type 1, One-piece short handle snow brush, with a simple design

This is the classic and typical snow brush type, usually, the length is between 30-70cm, with a straight snow brush head, planted polyester soft fiber. The handle length is about 10-35cm, and there is also usually a small ice scraper on the other end.

This snow brush has its obvious advantages.

First, it’s very light and small, which makes it very portable, and saves space. People can put one such brush in their trunk or cockpit, do not take up a lot of space.

Second, the smaller snow brush is an economic option with competitive prices. People can buy this brush at a lower price, even if the next winter, people can not find it, it’s not a big loss, and they can afford to buy a new one for another year.

small snow brush

Type 2, Telescopic snow brush with simple design and function.

This type of snow brush has an extendable handle, usually, the poles are in aluminum material, because aluminum has a lighter weight, and this is very important for snow brush as a hand tool.

The poles are designed with two sections, one is bigger, another is smaller, and they are connected with a plastic device.

There are two types of devices, one is with a switch function.

You can loosen or tight the device by switching and rotating it. Another is with button function. When you press the button, the handle can be extended or shrink as per your request, when you release the button, the length will be fixed.

And usually, this type of snow brush is stronger than the above-mentioned short small one, also the price is a little bit higher. But still very portable, our factory also accepts customized lengths according to your request.


snow brush shovel factory


Type 3, Premium snow brush with luxury multiple functions.

The premium option is designed with more function, except for the telescopic handle, some of the brush heads are 360° rotatable, with this pivoting brush head, people can brush away the snow on the car at any angle they want, making the work more flexible and easier.

Also, the sizes are bigger, the telescopic range is usually among 36”-48”, about 90-128cm.

This length enables the brush to reach higher places where hard to reach by small brushes, so it’s commonly used and purchased for SUVs, vans, trucks, and boats.

Moreover, the material is heavier and more durable, handle materials can be customized with aluminum or stainless steel, or coated iron in customized colors with electroplating technology to improve the appearance attracting.

Some customers make the handle in a curved shape or make the metal poles fully covered with EVA foam, people will feel more comfortable and won’t be cold when holding on to the foam grips.

michelin premium snow brush and shovel


Type 4, New snow broom with soft EVA head.

This is a new type getting popular in recent years, the advantage is from the big EVA foam broom head.

First, the thick board can hold more snow at once, do a better job when the snow is heavy. Secondly, the soft foam is non-scratch, and won’t scratch the car paint.

At the same time, the handle has two options, you can make it with a telescopic aluminum pole, or in separate sections.

The separate sections are more popular among the e-commerce clients because the set can be packed in a smaller volume, for example, in a compact color box or mailbox.


There is another ingenious design. On the back of the broom head, there are two pairs of toggle clips, when the handle is disassembled after using, people can assemble it to the broom head by the clips. It’s so much helpful to save the storage space and save a whole set.

And now there is also a new version with LED light on the snow broom head, enabling people to do the job in the evening or in dark places.


snow broom manufacturer

That’s all about all of the four types of snow brushes and brooms.

We can not say which type is the best, it all depends on what you need, what price is acceptable for your market and target consumers, and the brand preference. The different brush is fit for different jobs.

Now, do you know how to pick a snow brush and what’s the difference between different types?

For any questions, never hesitate to contact us, we’d be glad to assist anytime.


How to pick a microfiber cloth?

The invention of microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloth was invented by Dr. Miyoshi Okamoto in 1970. It is called an artificial substitute for suede.

And the fabric is multifunctional: it can be used for fashion, interior decoration, automobile and other vehicle decoration, and industrial applications, such as protective fabrics for electronic devices.

About the characteristics of super fiber

Due to the small diameter of the superfine fiber, its bending stiffness is very small, the fiber feels particularly soft, and it has a strong cleaning function and waterproof and breathable effect.

Microfibers have many fine pores between the microfibers to form a capillary structure. If processed into towel-like fabrics, they will have high water absorption.

After washing the car, a large amount of residual water can be quickly wiped dry with a microfiber towel.


The higher the weight of the fabric, the better the quality and the more expensive the price; on the contrary, the lower the weight of the fabric, the lower the price, and the lower the quality.

The unit of gram weight is “grams per square meter” (g/m2), abbreviated as FAW. The gram weight of the fabric is generally the gram of the fabric weight in square meters, and the gram weight is an important technical indicator of the super fiber fabric.

Texture type

In the automotive beauty industry, microfiber cloth is mainly divided into three types: long hair, short hair, and waffle.

Long hairs are mainly used for large-area water collection steps; short hairs are used for detailed processing and crystal plating wiping steps, and waffle is mainly used for glass cleaning and wiping.


Thanks to the microfiber fabric due to its small diameter, it is easy to get a very soft feel, but the softness of towels produced by different manufacturers is not the same, and the softer towels are less likely to leave scratches when wiping. It is recommended to use a softer towel.

Hemming process

There are satin stitching, laser seamless stitching, and other processes. Generally speaking, the stitching process that can hide the stitches can reduce the possibility of scratching the paint surface.


The better quality microfiber cloth is less likely to shed hair, and it is not easy to become stiff after several washings. This kind of microfiber cloth has longer durability.

Microfiber cloth is usually a special-shaped fiber, and the fineness of its filament is usually only one twentieth of that of ordinary polyester yarn.

In contrast, the microfiber cloth has greater contact with the surface to the area. And having a larger contact area gives the superfine fiber a better dust removal effect!



After reading this article, have you learned the relevant knowledge?

Leave your comment below or contact us if you have a demand for purchasing microfiber cloths!

Email: vivian@niyokclean.com

China blackouts: What will it cause to Chinese factories?

The blackouts spread in China since September 2021, and it seems will last for a longer time. The media in the world like BBC, New York Times, CNN all reported about this news. Some are telling the truth and have good analysis, some are somehow distorting the fact.

As a Chinese live in the east of China, I’d like to share my experience and also give some advice to our customers.


How’s China’s electricity power capacity?

It is true that China has the biggest population in the world, and that decides China needs the most electric power to ensure people’s daily life, industry function, and normal operation of the city.

When I was a child, at the age around 7, in the 1990s, it’s common that we will have several days of blackout in the summer. Usually, the electricity cuts in the daytime and opens again in the evening.

Considering the big shortage of electric power, the Chinese government put forward an idea of the “West to East” Electricity Transmission Project to solve the Energy Poverty in 1986.

It is an extremely difficult and enormous task, the project almost goes across all over the China map. It takes over 2 decades, the total investment is over 520 billion. By 2009, the project comes to end.

Actually in my memory, since 2003 we had never experienced blackouts again in life. While for factories, when in electric peak time in the summer, they will have several days blackout to ensure the life electricity needs, but this is not always seen.


How serious the blackout is going on now in China?

Since mid-September, more than 20 provinces in China have started orderly use of electricity, include Jiangsu, Guangdong, Yunnan, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang Provinces.

Industrial enterprises in many places have been asked to switch peak power consumption. In northeast China, the restricted power supply has affected the normal operation of cities and residents’ daily power consumption, even beyond industrial and commercial power consumption.

Some factories are asked to open 5 days, rest 2 days, some open 4 days, rest 3 days, some may be more serious.

But the daily life and city operation is basically normal going, except some places in the northeast.


What caused China’s widespread blackouts?

Firstly, as the world is affected by the Corona Virus, the manufacturing distribution changes. Factories in some countries in Asia like India, Vietnam, Thailand were closed, the production get influenced. To ensure the global supplies, importers and distributors change their supply chain and choose to place orders in Chinese factories. The surging orders directly lead to more power demand.

Secondly, influenced by several factors, the price of coal has been pushed up more than 2 times. While more than half of Chinese power plants still rely on coal-fired. Under the strict electricity price controlling from the government, the power plants can not increase the price but are also unwilling to operate at a loss. So they choose to reduce the output instead.

Also, the rules imposed by the Chinese government that attempt to make the carbon neutral by 2060, could be one of the reasons too. And China is devoting to the industrial structure adjustment all these years, reduce pollutions, have a healthier and cleaner industry structure.


What is China doing to resolve the problem?

First, strengthen the unified dispatching of the whole network, arrange the operation mode reasonably, serve the power generation enterprises well, and do both should and do;

Second, coordinate and allocate resources, give full play to the advantages of large power grid platform, and tap the power transmission potential of trans-regional and trans-provincial channels;

Third, we will strengthen monitoring of electricity consumption, do the best to ensure electricity consumption for residents, provide good services to users and respond to their concerns.

Fourth, strictly implement the government’s demand response and orderly power consumption plan, timely do a good job in communication and coordination, and spare no effort to maintain the order and stability of power supply and consumption;

Fifth, strictly implement the responsibility of power supply guarantee, improve various emergency plans, strengthen the emergency duty of power grid operation, and ensure safe and reliable power consumption.


What advice do you have for importers?

It is a hard time both for our customers and our factory. The blackouts directly lead to delivery time delays. Because the factory can not open every day, the production capacity is dramatically shrunk.

So if you have seasonal orders that must be shipped at a special time, or hot selling items always need to be fulfilled in stock, please place the orders earlier to guarantee the shipment time.

water fed telescopic brush residential clean

How do you clean the high windows, gutters, roof, and solar panels?

How do you clean the high windows, gutters, roof, and solar panels? Let’s talk about this topic today.

With a ladder? That could be very dangerous and really hard work.

Ask for a cleaning service? Yes, that’s one way out but so expensive, with that money you can buy some good tools and do many times cleaning at the same price.

Here comes the question:

What is the best tool for the job?

Niyok high reach water fed brush and telescopic poles is your perfect choice!

Introducing the all-new Niyok super light collection of water fed poles for window and solar panel cleaning, the safest easiest and affordable way to clean your windows and solar panel, simply connect to your water source, extend and get to work. 

The poles have a hose that runs up the length of the pole to deliver water or cleaning solution directly into the brush, yet you can easily clean those windows and solar panels without aladder from the safety of the ground.

There are three types of poles made from different materials, aerospace-grade aluminum, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. The hottest selling type currently is aluminum poles, because of its good price and durable feature, the best options are 18ft, 24ft, 30ft, can reach up to 3 stories, 9 meters high. 

3K carbon fiber pole is a premium option, the length can reach 72ft while still in a lightweight. All depend on your budget and height needed, if you are not sure which material and how long you need, never hesitate to contact us at info@niyokclean.com, professional advice waiting for you.

Also, we have two width designs for the brush heads, 30cm/11.5ft, and 55cm/21.5ft. Soft bristle is securely mounted on a pivoting gooseneck, you can adjust for the perfect angle for every job, or project for even more convenience, you can choose our double gooseneck adapter which allows you to add a squeegee. The water fed pole system lets you do a typically tough and time-consuming job safely quickly and easily.

Each system comes with brass connectors that connect to your hose or water source. A telescopic pole, a hose, a brush head, and an adjustable gooseneck with all of the models. 

The high reach water fed pole and brush system give you the power to clean solar panels and windows quickly, even multiple stories high without sacrificing the safety of yourself or anyone on your team. 

You can also add one of our optional high pressure washer machines to make the window and solar panel cleaning system completely mobile and taking one step further by adding pure water to the system, makes the windows or panel shine and without residue.

Work smarter not harder

-that’s what we can do for an easier life.