How to pick a microfiber cloth?

The invention of microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloth was invented by Dr. Miyoshi Okamoto in 1970. It is called an artificial substitute for suede.

And the fabric is multifunctional: it can be used for fashion, interior decoration, automobile and other vehicle decoration, and industrial applications, such as protective fabrics for electronic devices.

About the characteristics of super fiber

Due to the small diameter of the superfine fiber, its bending stiffness is very small, the fiber feels particularly soft, and it has a strong cleaning function and waterproof and breathable effect.

Microfibers have many fine pores between the microfibers to form a capillary structure. If processed into towel-like fabrics, they will have high water absorption.

After washing the car, a large amount of residual water can be quickly wiped dry with a microfiber towel.


The higher the weight of the fabric, the better the quality and the more expensive the price; on the contrary, the lower the weight of the fabric, the lower the price, and the lower the quality.

The unit of gram weight is “grams per square meter” (g/m2), abbreviated as FAW. The gram weight of the fabric is generally the gram of the fabric weight in square meters, and the gram weight is an important technical indicator of the super fiber fabric.

Texture type

In the automotive beauty industry, microfiber cloth is mainly divided into three types: long hair, short hair, and waffle.

Long hairs are mainly used for large-area water collection steps; short hairs are used for detailed processing and crystal plating wiping steps, and waffle is mainly used for glass cleaning and wiping.


Thanks to the microfiber fabric due to its small diameter, it is easy to get a very soft feel, but the softness of towels produced by different manufacturers is not the same, and the softer towels are less likely to leave scratches when wiping. It is recommended to use a softer towel.

Hemming process

There are satin stitching, laser seamless stitching, and other processes. Generally speaking, the stitching process that can hide the stitches can reduce the possibility of scratching the paint surface.


The better quality microfiber cloth is less likely to shed hair, and it is not easy to become stiff after several washings. This kind of microfiber cloth has longer durability.

Microfiber cloth is usually a special-shaped fiber, and the fineness of its filament is usually only one twentieth of that of ordinary polyester yarn.

In contrast, the microfiber cloth has greater contact with the surface to the area. And having a larger contact area gives the superfine fiber a better dust removal effect!



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What can pressure washers be used for?

The Different Pressure Washer Applications

Having a nice big backyard is great. You can wash or work on your car any time you choose, fire up the barbeque and gather some friends to have a good time. You can improve it by building a deck, a gazebo, you name it. 

The only downside is cleaning up after those activities, it takes a long time and some of those stains are just too tough to remove, no matter how hard your scrub and how much detergent you use. That’s why you should seriously consider buying a pressure washer.

It will not only provide you with enough power to get rid of all those stubborn stains, but it will do that job in only a fraction of the time it would take you to do it manually. 

Pressure washer applications are so numerous it would probably require a small book just to write them all down. Let’s go through some of them.

Pressure Washing Your Grill

I love to use my grill, but I despise cleaning it afterwards just as much. Getting rid of all that grease and fat that is burned deep into the metal is an absolute nightmare. Once I bought a pressure washer, all of that changed. 

Cleaning my grill has never been easier. However, there are some things you need to do first before blasting it with a water jet from a pressure washer. Depending on the type of grill you have, disconnect it from either electricity, propane tank, or a natural gas line.

Start with a 45-degree nozzle tip to get rid of any loose grease, grime and fat. I also recommend that you use a strong degreaser. Let the degreaser do its thing for about five minutes, before blasting the grill with a 15-degree spray tip to remove the most difficult stains. Once you have gotten rid of all that grime, rinse down the grill using a 45-degree nozzle tip.


Pressure Washing Your Car

I’ve already written a separate article on how you should wash your car using a pressure washer, so I’ll just do a quick rundown here.

When washing your car with a pressure washer, make sure to wash it down with water only first, so that you get rid of loose dirt, salt, ormud. 

After that you can apply detergent either manually, or using the soap tip. After that, use a low-pressure tip to wash down the detergent. Also, always remember to wash the underside of your car, too.


Pressure Washing Wooden Surfaces

You can also use a pressure washer to wash wooden surfaces, such as decks, house siding, gazebos, stairs, wooden fences, and even wooden outdoor furniture. 

Just keep in mind to use low-pressure nozzle tips, because a high-pressure water jet is powerful enough to strip finish from wood. Also, water particles can embed themselves deep inside the wood, causing it to bend and rot. 

This is also the reason why you should never use a high-pressure jet in combination with detergent when washing wooden surfaces.


Pressure Washing Metal

You can take full advantage of your pressure washer when washing metallic surfaces. I’ve already mentioned using a pressure washer to clean your grill, but you can also use it to clean metal fencing, gutters, drains, alloy wheels, metal roofs… 

Well, pretty much anything metallic, using a high-pressure nozzle tip. Just remember not to get too close to the surface, as the water jet can scratch it.


Pressure Washing Concrete and Brick

Your garage floor, brick walkways and concrete driveways are usually the most difficult to clean. Getting those oil and grease stains out of these surfaces using a high-pressure nozzle, with the help of a detergent, is now finally possible. 

I always get annoyed when I spot weed growing between bricks in my yards. Needless, weeds are no match for my pressure washer.

water fed telescopic brush residential clean

How do you clean the high windows, gutters, roof, and solar panels?

How do you clean the high windows, gutters, roof, and solar panels? Let’s talk about this topic today.

With a ladder? That could be very dangerous and really hard work.

Ask for a cleaning service? Yes, that’s one way out but so expensive, with that money you can buy some good tools and do many times cleaning at the same price.

Here comes the question:

What is the best tool for the job?

Niyok high reach water fed brush and telescopic poles is your perfect choice!

Introducing the all-new Niyok super light collection of water fed poles for window and solar panel cleaning, the safest easiest and affordable way to clean your windows and solar panel, simply connect to your water source, extend and get to work. 

The poles have a hose that runs up the length of the pole to deliver water or cleaning solution directly into the brush, yet you can easily clean those windows and solar panels without aladder from the safety of the ground.

There are three types of poles made from different materials, aerospace-grade aluminum, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. The hottest selling type currently is aluminum poles, because of its good price and durable feature, the best options are 18ft, 24ft, 30ft, can reach up to 3 stories, 9 meters high. 

3K carbon fiber pole is a premium option, the length can reach 72ft while still in a lightweight. All depend on your budget and height needed, if you are not sure which material and how long you need, never hesitate to contact us at, professional advice waiting for you.

Also, we have two width designs for the brush heads, 30cm/11.5ft, and 55cm/21.5ft. Soft bristle is securely mounted on a pivoting gooseneck, you can adjust for the perfect angle for every job, or project for even more convenience, you can choose our double gooseneck adapter which allows you to add a squeegee. The water fed pole system lets you do a typically tough and time-consuming job safely quickly and easily.

Each system comes with brass connectors that connect to your hose or water source. A telescopic pole, a hose, a brush head, and an adjustable gooseneck with all of the models. 

The high reach water fed pole and brush system give you the power to clean solar panels and windows quickly, even multiple stories high without sacrificing the safety of yourself or anyone on your team. 

You can also add one of our optional high pressure washer machines to make the window and solar panel cleaning system completely mobile and taking one step further by adding pure water to the system, makes the windows or panel shine and without residue.

Work smarter not harder

-that’s what we can do for an easier life.