Detailing brush factory for car and household

Detailing brushes are becoming more and more popular in car wash field and also used in household cleaning. To meet the increasingly needs from our customers, we are dedicated to develop all kinds of detailing brushes, made from different materials and in different shapes. 

For cleaning car interior, we use super soft nylon fibers, which is also applied in cosmetic personal care industry, can be on people’s face, this will ensure the interior won’t be scratched and protect the polished surfaces.

For exterior car cleaning, all kinds of bristles are available. To clean tough debris and dirts, we advise natural boar hair. For painting areas, the super soft bristles are better.

Anyway, we produce all kinds of detailing brushes as per our customers’ needs, and can also customize OEM project, just contact us if you have any inquiry.



CB0525A Detailing Brush Kit

CB0525C Premium Natural Boar Hair Detail Brush Set

CB0525D Natural Boar Hair Detailing Brush in Various Sizes

CB05456 Natural Boar Hair Detailing Brush Pack of 5 Kit

CB05106 Detailing Brush Kit Pack of 3 #12 #16 #20 or Customized

CB0587B Natural boar hair brush

CB05123 Mixed Bristle Detailing Brush

CB05122 Detailing Brush

CB0587 Ultra Soft Detailing Brush Long

CB0588 Ultra Soft Detailing Brush Short

CB0585 Two Way Mini Detailing Brush

CB0584 The Goat Boar’s Hair Detail Brush

CB0586 Tapered Bristle with Round End Chemical Resistant Pencil Wheel Brush

CB05116 Multi Use Detailing Brush with Microfiber Sheet and Ultra Soft Hair

CB0566A Universal Use Car Detailing Brush with Thick Bristle

CB05121 Polyester Sponge Brush

CB0553 Car Air Vent Cleaning Duster

CB0553 Microfiber Flexible Duster Car Duster.jpg

CB0567 Brass and Steel Wire Brush Set 3pcs for Detailing.jpg

CB0567 Wire Brush Set 3pcs Nylon/Brass/Stainless Steel Bristles with Curved Handle Grip

CB0568 Stainless Steel, Brass, Nylon Wire Heavy Duty Scratch Brush Set

CB0569 Wire Brush Set 3pcs

CB0589 Horse Bristle Car Detailing Brush

CB0317 Wood Handle Car Interior Brush Bed Brush

CB0316 Super Soft Seat Duster Brush

CB0318 Horse Hair Seat Brush Leather Brush

CB1236 Duster Brush Bed Brush