CB1301 Deluxe automatic pool cleaner

CB1302 Deluxe automatic pool cleaner

CB1303 Deluxe automatic pool cleaner

CB1304 Economy Jet vacuum head

CB1305 Economy Jet vacuum head

CB1306 Economy Jet vacuum head/ 5 section pole of 48”/120cm

CB1307 Economy Jet vacuum head/3section pole. of 52” /135cm

CB1308 standard liner cacuum head with bumper

CB1309 premium liner vacuum head with bumper

CB1311 crescent shape economy vacuum head

CB1310 rotative vacuum head/with side brush

CB1312 Oval Shape Pool and Spa Vacuum Head / 13” Wide, Above Ground and Vinyl Pools

CB1313 triangular two-way vacuum head

CB1314 triangular swivel vacuum head

CB1315 Clear Weighted Triangle Pool Vacuum Head

CB1316 14” flexible vacuum head with wheels

CB1317 14” flexible vacuum head with side brush

CB1318 14” flexible vacuum head

CB1320 14” heavy duty aluminium vacuum head with Australian handle 34.5x13cm

CB1321 19” heavy duty aluminium vacuum head with Australian handle 44.5x13cm

CB1327 19” blue and white long type vacuum head

CB1330 22” deluxe flexible vacuum head with aluminium handle

CB1334 economy PP leaf net

CB1336 aluminium frame leaf net

CB1337 durable polyester leaf net

CB1338 deluxe aluminium frame polyester leaf net

CB1340 replaceable nylon deepwater leaf net

CB1342 extra wide leaf net with alu handle

CB1345 standard leaf net with 3×14” 35cm new type alu pole

CB1353 standard leaf skimmer with 5 section 48” 122cm aluminium pole

CB1362 18” 45cm standard plastic swimming pool brush

CB1363 18” 45cm standard pool brush with aluminium handle

CB1365 18” 45cm stainless steel pool brush designed for cleaning walls floors pools

CB1368 24” 60cm brush with silver alu handle

CB1369 36” 90cm swimming pool brush with silver alu handle

CB1373 10” 26cm floor scratch brush

CB1374 10” 26cm stainless steel wire brush

CB1388 sponge mat brush

CB1389 poly bristle corner brush

CB1391 jet bristles corner vacuum brush

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