What is Water Fed Brushes?

water flow brushes water fed brushes for car

The water-through brushes or water-fed brushes are a popular tool among car owners who prefer to wash their vehicles by hand rather than using automated car wash systems.

They are especially useful for reaching difficult-to-access areas and providing a gentle but effective cleaning method for a car’s exterior.

These kinds of brushes have been manufactured for many years, and serve many distributors, and importers from the USA, European countries, Latin American countries, and other areas.

The basic components of a water-through brush for cars are:

  • Brush Head: The brush head is usually made of soft bristles or microfiber material that is designed to be safe on a car’s paintwork. The bristles help agitate and lift dirt and grime from the surface. To better protect the car paint, bristles made from PP, or PVC, are usually done with softening process. Microfiber pad brush head is also becoming more and more popular, good for cleaning the cars which are not so dirty, or use after the bristle brushes to further clean the surfaces and windows.


  • Water Connector: The brush head has a built-in connector or adapter that allows it to be connected to a standard garden hose or water source.


  • Water Flow Control: Many water-through brushes have a flow control valve or switch that allows you to adjust the water pressure coming through the brush. This feature helps conserve water and gives you control over the flow during the washing process.


  • Telescopic Handle: The pole handle is usually made from aluminum, which is lighter and anti-rust. The length can be customized according to different use and request, from 30cm up to 250cm or more, can be one-piece and telescopic.


  • New Type of Brushes: We are always developing new water fed brushes to satisfy increasingly different needs. Such as rotating brushes, helps in agitating the dirt and improving the cleaning action, check CB0548CB0542CB0576. Soap dispenser brushes, which come with a built-in soap dispenser, allowing for easy application of soap while cleaning the car, check CB0585CB0578CB0576CB0581.


how to use water fed brushes for car

To use a water-through brush for washing your car:

1, Connect the brush head to a water source, such as a garden hose.

2, Turn on the water supply and adjust the flow using the flow control valve if available.

3, Wet the car’s surface with water from the brush head, starting from the top and working your way down.

4, Apply car wash soap to the brush or directly to the car’s surface.

5, Gently scrub the car’s exterior using the water-through brush, making sure to cover all areas.

6, Rinse the soap off the car by using the water flow from the brush.

7, Once you’ve washed and rinsed the entire car, dry it using microfiber towels or a chamois to prevent water spots.


Using a water-through brush for handwashing your car gives you more control over the cleaning process and allows you to be gentle with your vehicle’s paint.

It’s essential to use a high-quality brush with soft bristles and avoid applying excessive pressure to minimize the risk of scratching or damaging the paintwork.

Regularly rinsing the brush head during the washing process can help remove any accumulated dirt and debris to further reduce the risk of scratches.

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